Yoga in the mountains

by Leah on March 11, 2019

Elevate your mind, body and soul with our Yoga in the Mountains programs.   These mountains will hold you during your stay   allowing you a deep grounded feeling. The alpine breezes carry with them the scent of the wildflowers. As you sink into meditation, warm morning sun warms your face as the sounds of birds and marmots tickle your ears. This is what it feels like at Yoga in the Mountains.

You will enjoy the soft caresses of nature as you release into this mountain paradise.  Here you may find new connections with like minded women sharing their stories and wisdom. The yoga practices  range from Yin flow to energising gigong.  There is deep expansive kundalini practice to melting restorative sessions. Experience art therapy or acro-yoga play combined with an informative nourishing food workshop with our nutritionist.

Enchanting mountain and wildflower landscapes will surround you as you stretch into your new yoga experience 


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